Licensed (State Certified Building Contractor - CBC1252051) and insured.

repairing is my business, remodeling is my passion.


Tom Eady's Handyman & Remodeling

I've retired! 

Its been a great 30 years. 

Thanks for your support!

Serving Fort Walton Beach, Blue Water Bay and Niceville since 1991,

doing remodeling and handyman work, all your home repair and remodeling needs. 

Kitchens, bathrooms or whole house remodeling.  
Painting, changing doors and windows or any other type work 
that you would want an experienced professional workman to do for you.
I work primarily by myself, hiring subcontractors for your major plumbing and electrical needs.
 Want your lights changed, switches, plugs or other minor repairs - I do these also.  
I pay attention to detail, so the job is done right the first time.  Need new siding, call me.
No job is too small.

Before and after photos of a major reconstruction of a home done after hurricane damage.

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If it deals with the structure of your home, 
I do it with the exception of the roof.  
Wood floors, ceiling fans & lighting, 
garbage disposals, faucets, 
doors, windows, 
painting interior and exterior, 
sheet rock repairs and replacements, 
siding both vinyl and hardy board.
I use quality products for your peace of mind.

Bathrooms remodeled for updating fixtures and appliances or for handicap accessibility. You can  start with replacing fixtures and then painting or by gutting the room, adding new walls and everything else that is needed.